Why YES! There is Such a Thing as Biblical Womanhood! (but it’s not what you think)

“3 Your beauty should not come from outward adornment, such as elaborate hairstyles and the wearing of gold jewelry or fine clothes. Rather, it should be that of your inner self, the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is of great worth in God’s sight.”

1 Peter 3:3-4

Ahhh, Biblical Womanhood. We listened to the sermons and took notes attentively at the conferences. We sat at our mother’s kitchen table and heard that God wants us to be gentle.

And quiet.

(Apparently, this is of “great worth” in God’s sight.)


I think I’m in trouble. You see… I was born with an opinion.

(That’s me on the right. Yellin’ as usual. My identical twin sister was a bit more “Biblical,”


aka… “shy”).

As the years have gone by, I have studied the Bible for myself, and amazingly, a different picture of Biblical womanhood has been painted for me. I began to notice that as the many narratives are threaded together, Peter’s short passage is incomplete.  Of course, God does not want women to be angry or combative, but it would appear, based on countless Biblical examples, that God uses all kinds of women for His glory. However, they all have one thing in common:

They are bold.

They are confident.

They are spitfires.

They have straight up “cajones” (in the figurative sense, of course!).


Don’t believe me? Let’s take a look:

*It was with great courage that Eve gave birth to the first human being. (You know that that she thought she was dying. Lord knows I thought I was, every, single, time, even when surrounded by doctors in sterilized hospitals where over twenty healthy babies had successfully been born that day.)

*It was with great courage that Tamar became pregnant in order to keep Judah’s family line from dying out. (Even Judah called her “righteous.” She is in the line of Christ.)

*It was with great courage that Miriam followed the floating basket that held her beloved baby brother, Moses. She approached the princess of Egypt and gave him back to his Hebrew family by way of a his mother’s ability to nurse him. (Miriam, with her brothers, would later become a spiritual leader over all Israel)

*It was with great courage that Rahab hid the Israelite spies, protecting them from those who sought to kill them (also included in the line of Christ and Hebrews 11 which praises individuals for their faith).

*It was with great courage that Deborah was raised up as a prophetess, judge, and leader, becoming, without question, one of the most respected and inspiring judges in Israel’s history.

*It was with great courage that Jael became a valiant warrior, killing Israel’s enemy, Sisera, in her own tent and without her husband’s knowledge.

*It was with great courage that an unnamed woman threw a huge millstone on the evil judge, Abimilech, saving her city as he was attempting to burn it to the ground.

*It was with great courage that Ruth clung to her mother in law, Naomi, abandoning her heritage in order to worship Yahweh. She pursued a marriage to Boaz which was not acceptable at the time. However, the Israelites proclaimed that she was “better than seven sons.” (She is also in the line of Jesus)

*It was with great courage that Abigail usurped her foolish husband’s authority and fed David and his men when they were starving. She saved her entire family from his wrath. (King David later married her after God struck her husband dead.)

*It was with great courage that Esther set a plan in motion to have Haman executed, a military leader who had carefully planned the genocide of her people. (She is considered a savior of Israel.)

*It was with great courage that Mary graciously accepted being the mother of the Messiah, even though the consequence for pregnancy outside of marriage was excommunication, abandonment, or even death.

*It was with great courage that Mary of Bethany elbowed her way to the front of the room to hang onto Jesus’ every word. (I’m also of the opinion that it was the gutsiest thing when she poured that perfume out on His feet, surrounded by men who criticized her for it! Talk about chutzpah!!)

*It was with great courage that Mary Magdalene grabbed those same feet and later ran and publicly proclaimed His resurrection, even when no one believed her!

*It was with great courage that Priscilla risked her life to save Paul! And not for nothin’, she taught the most charismatic preacher of that day, Apollos, setting him straight. (and he actually listened!!)

These women got it done. They had true grit. They were down right heroic, putting their very lives at risk!!

Does that sound like a gentle and quiet spirit to you?


Since the very moment that Satan fooled Eve, he knew that if he could find a way to steal her courage, he stood a fighting chance for the soul of mankind. What’s worse, the very words of the Bible are being used to shame God’s Holy Spirit filled daughters into silence!! It’s time for this teaching to stop. It’s time for women to know the power of God within them, and to have the courage to


Beloved friend.

Woman of valor.

Now is the time.

Today is the day. 

A day for audacity.

It’s a day to take courage.

It’s a day for epic bravery.


To stay in a marriage that’s rocky…

or leave it if it’s abusive…

To forgive someone who doesn’t deserve it…

To get out of bed after losing a baby…

To parent…

To speak up…

To be quiet even when you know you’re right…

To preach…

To start a ministry…

To start a business…

To start……… SOMETHING………….

To say hard things…

To wait…

To go…

To lead…

To follow…

To submit…

To step up…

To support…

To finally embrace the freedom that’s always been yours…

Dear sister, the Enemy is going to attempt to disempower your amazing influence on the world. He will tell you that God loves it when you sit down and shut up. But he is the “father of lies.” Don’t believe it.

Believe me.

You are incredibly dangerous.

Mary carried the child that crushed his head into a bloody pulp. Don’t give him a lick of control over how you see yourself. We’ve got work to do! Don those keds or heels or boots or wedges or Converse Airs, (whatev)


This is who you are and what you were made for.

Let’s FINALLY show them what Biblical Womanhood really is…

…and this time,

we’ll actually use the whole Bible.



Author: noelletoscano

I long to bring the truth of the good news to those that God brings across my path. If you are reading this, He loves you with ALL HIS HEART (and therefore, so do I!)!

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